About SkillsPlus and BRACE

SkillsPlus and BRACE are two not-for-profit organisations that run a diverse range of services, offering a pathway from education and training into employment. Our delivery is underpinned by our vision that social and economic participation should be a right of all individuals in our communities. We offer support to people from various backgrounds and abilities, including disengaged youth, migrants, long-term unemployed, people with disabilities, and those facing financial, learning or social barriers.

Who we are ?

SkillsPlus and BRACE have a strong focus on employment, education and training, because we know that with knowledge, skills and experience comes opportunities that can make a difference in people’s lives. As a community organisation we support people to gain the knowledge and skills that they need to increase their quality of life and engage in the community.

As a non-profit organisation, any profit that we make is invested back into the community either by being put back into programs and services delivered, or by going towards the development of new programs that benefits the community.  

What we do ?

We provide services in employment, training, education, disability, and youth programs. We offer individualised, client-focused services and people who use our services can feel reassured that they will be treated with respect, dignity and equality when they connect with us.

Our Senior Management, leadership teams and all of our staff have a vision to make SkillsPlus and BRACE dynamic, innovative and collaborative organisations with a reputation for high quality services. Whilst this strategic vision presents an opportunity for development of a culture of high performance we will ensure that we remain connected to our local communities and to local people.

Together for better

The community service sector is going through a number of significant changes and challenges including tightening economic conditions at both state and federal levels, increased social need, the entrance of sophisticated ‘for profit’ providers and rigorous standards of compliance being put into practice. This, in conjunction with the bundling of large contracts and services at lower service rates, will favour large organisations with the capacity and scale to manage reduced margins.

Our strategy to combat these changes is to be proactive and positive, taking on every challenge with an open mind, and be open to opportunities for growth, diversification and partnership. As part of our strategy, we identified the need to join a large like-minded organisation to deliver greater depth and enhance our service delivery, while increasing our capacity to invest into areas of need, such as employment, education, training, and health and wellbeing.

This has now led to SkillsPlus and BRACE joining Endeavour Foundation. SkillsPlus, BRACE and Endeavour Foundation have over 130 years’ combined experience in supporting a diverse range of people and communities. We are combining our collective resources, services, people and aspirations to create terrific synergies for our teams and services, and better outcomes for the people and communities we support.

We are confident that by joining Endeavour Foundation we will open a new and exciting chapter for SkillsPlus and BRACE, and it will provide us with the unique opportunity to bring our culture, strategy, innovation, diversification and “personality” to Endeavour Foundation.

Working seamlessly together, we aim to accelerate our community engagement and pursue partnership and growth opportunities across Victoria. We look forward to continuing our philosophy of growth through partnerships and collaboration for the benefit of the communities and people we serve.