National Disability Coordination Officer Program

The National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) program aims to improve the transition of students with a disability from their compulsory school education into options including TAFE, University and employment. There are 7 NDCO’s located within Victoria and SkillsPlus hosts 3 of them. The NDCO Program for Southern Melbourne, Western Victoria and Eastern Victoria is hosted by SkillsPlus. The program also offers a range of services to schools, parents, community providers and employers to build capacity within our community to support people with a disability.   Some of these programs include:
  • The 'Creating Confidence; Transition for Students with a Disability' workshop which aims to create further awareness of the options available for young people in their local area.

  • The 'Parents as Career Transition Support' (PACTS) program raises awareness of pathways to employment and social participation for students with disability and helps strengthen the interface between schools, families and post-school options.

  • Disability Awareness training for schools, community providers and employers, aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of people with a disability.

Further information, useful resources and contacts for your local area can be found at the NDCO Victoria website or contact


For information about the NDCO Program in other areas across Australia visit the Department of Education website

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