Learning with BRACE can help you:

• To overcome barriers to employment

• To get a job

• To learn new skills

• Identify qualifications needed to reach your employment goal

Career Transition Assistance

Mature age workers have a wealth of skills, strengths and life experience. The CTA course is designed to help you get the most out of your experience and build the skills and confidence you need to be successful in today's labour market.   CTA has two elements: Tailored Career Assistance and Functional Digital Literacy.  You can complete one or both of these, depending on your individual needs.

Tailored Career Assistance features:

  • Six weeks (two days per week) of classroom-based learning with a mix of activities

  • An initial skills assessment to identify your needs and help tailor training

  • A first session with a community mentor to support motivation and provide local context

  • Accredited first aid training

  • Employer visits and guest speakers from local growth industries

  • Ongoing support to help you put your Career Pathway Plan into action

Who Can Attend?

The program is available to jobseekers aged 45 or over who are registered with a jobactive provider in the Ballarat Employment Region.

Get Started

Our CTA program has a flexible ‘rolling’ intake model. Referrals will be accepted on a continuous basis.  Talk to your jobactive provider today about starting the CTA program.  You can also contact BRACE directly for more information.

Functional Digital Literacy features:

  • Classroom-based learning

    Two weeks (two days per week) of classroom-based learning with up to date technology and equipment

  • Technology

    A focus on the practical applications of technology in today's labour market

  • Getting online

    Support with getting online and using general search tools to look for jobs

  • Email & Apps

    Setting up and using email, MyGov and jobactive apps

  • Your résumé

    Editing and uploading a résumé and selection criteria to online platforms and jobs board

  • Learn from a 'digital native'

    An opportunity to learn from a 'digital native' Youth Training Assistant

Case Study
Debbie* completed her qualification with BRACE in 2017, and quickly found a job with WellWays providing community support to people with disabilities and mental health issues. Debbie is able to work flexible hours and is thrilled with her new career.   She continues to volunteer at Merrimu, where she completed the practical component of her BRACE qualification and regularly visits BRACE to share her journey with mature age students.   *Name has been changed
About Us
BRACE Education Training and Employment Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation with more than 30 years’ experience delivering services in the Ballarat Region. We offer a broad range of training courses in modern and convenient settings, providing classroom-based training as well as flexible learning options. 
Enhanced Accessibility
BRACE has established relationships with local community organisations, including Neighbourhood and Community Centres to provide training facilities on an as-needs basis. Under these arrangements, we will deliver our CTA program in Ballarat and at locations including Avoca, Maryborough, Daylesford, Ballan and Beaufort.   Contact us for further information:   Phone: (03) 4333 0101 Email: cta@brace.com.au

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