Are you aged 15-24 and looking for work or need assistance with education or training?

We can help to improve your work readiness and find a job! We know that looking for work can feel like a full-time job itself. We can help you to develop the skills that employers are looking for and help you into training and education, including apprenticeships and traineeships.   Our team of skilled Work Brokers and Candidate Marketing Officers combine the detailed knowledge of local employers and the local job market, together with an understanding of your abilities and goals.   We will work with you to develop a Job Plan that works for you and can help you:

  • Develop practical skills to get a job

  • Connect with education and training

  • Find and participate in work experience opportunities

  • Identify employment opportunities in the local area

  • Connect with relevant local community services

We are an integral member of a consortium led by Wesley Mission Victoria and support by Busy at Work.
Are you eligible to access our services? Transition to Work is particularly targeted at early school leavers, however the service will also support some young people who have experienced difficulty transitioning from education to employment.   This can include all eligible young people regardless of their income support status.

Want to register with SkillsPlus?

When you register at Centrelink, ask to be referred to SkillsPlus so that we can start working with you straight away.   Not sure if you are eligible? Contact Centrelink by calling 13 28 50, visit your nearest Centrelink office, or visit the Centrelink website.   Or if you'd like to speak to one of our experienced staff today, contact SkillsPlus Transition to Work for further information.
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  • Skills Assessment

    We will complete a skills assessment and provide you with the right career advice and assistance to gain new skills and/or qualifications.

  • Improve your chances of getting a job

    Assist you to look for work, write a résumé and prepare for interviews

  • Break down Barriers

    Assist you to address barriers that may be making finding a job difficult.

  • Earn or Learn

    Our first priority is to help you find work. We provide several pathways to employment and our Work Brokers will discuss your earn or learn options.

  • Marketing

    Market you to appropriate employer and employment opportunities that match your skillbase.

  • Coaching

    We focus on intervention and work experience to build your skills, confidence and readiness to engage in employment.

Contact SkillsPlus Transition to Work to find out if you are eligible:

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