Create a diverse workforce. Employ young work-ready people.

It’s easy to favour people with lots of work experience when hiring, but young people are often eager to work, adaptable to a new workplace, and can come with a fresh perspective.   SkillsPlus has extensive experience assisting young people find a job and employers to find employees.   Our team of skilled Work Brokers and Candidate Marketing Officers combine the detailed knowledge of your requirements and job specifications, together with an understanding of young people’s abilities and goals to achieve a productive employment match.   How does this help your business?   We help you find your new team member – saving your business time and money. We can provide you with:

  • Employment Services at no cost to you

  • Candidates ready to work

  • Wage subsidies of up to $6,500 over 12 months to help take on eligible young people (i.e. employment and training costs)

  • Job matching between your requirements and the young person’s skills

  • Work experience placements to assess the young person’s suitability for the job

  • Post–placement support to ensure that your new hire settles into the job and meets your employment expectations

We provide this service at no cost to you through Transition to Work, an Australian Government initiative. We are an integral member of a consortium led by Wesley Mission Victoria and support by Busy at Work.
  • No Cost Service!

    SkillsPlus provides Employment Services at no cost to you. 

  • Candidates Ready to Work

    We ensure that our candidates are ready for work by completing pre-employment checks.

  • Understanding Your Business Needs

    A Work Broker or Candidate Marketing Officer can visit your workplace to gain a thorough understanding of your business needs.

  • Financial Assistance and Wages

    Employers may be eligible for wage subsidies, new apprentice initiatives and work-site modification subsidies.

  • Employer and Employee Training

    We can cover the cost of training, qualifications and licenses for industry specific positions and we ensure that our candidates are ready for work by completing pre-employment checks.

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