Do you have a great business idea?

Are you unemployed and struggling to find work? Have you always dreamed of becoming your own boss? Take control of your future whilst receiving income support - and turn your hobby into your own business with the New Business Assistance with NEIS program. What is the New Business Assistance with NEIS program?



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NEIS is a self-employment initiative fully funded by the Australian Government. The program is designed to assist eligible applicants who have a business idea, the opportunity to start their own business.


Our qualified and knowledgeable team at BRACE are committed to assisting you in developing your business idea – we are here to bring your idea to life!


How long is the program and what’s involved?

The program helps participants create a business plan for the next 12 months, and two years of projected financials. The contact component of the program takes approximately 4-5 weeks, with a mixture of group and individual sessions. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are currently delivering the program online, as per government health advice.  Our BRACE team take an individual approach; therefore, you will receive the correct amount of assistance to complete the program. Once you have commenced your business, you will receive mentoring support from our experienced business mentors for 12 months.


How will the NEIS program benefit me?

If you are unemployed, this may be an ideal opportunity to take control of your own future and create self-employment. You may want to upgrade a hobby into a business to gain satisfaction in your working life. At present, it is a definite alternative to being unemployed if you have lost work due to COVID-19.


What skills will I get from the program?

You will acquire direct skills that will help manage a business, such as:

·         creating a business plan

·         the legal and regulatory requirements of operating a business

·         managing your financial income, outgoings and reporting

·         managing the operational side of business

·         marketing, advertising and networking for Return On Investment (ROI)


What qualification will I get on completion?

After operating your business for more than 6 months, you can apply for a Certificate IV in New Small Business (BSB42618). You will need to complete additional assessments to provide evidence to be awarded the qualification and you can speak to your trainer about this option. If you decide to return your business to hobby status, you will hold a Nationally Accredited Qualification that could help you with employment in managing a small business or department.


How much is the NEIS program and am I eligible?

The program is free for applicants who work less than 15 hours per week in paid employment. Eligible job seekers will receive ongoing income support for up to 39 weeks while participating in the program. You could be eligible if you:

·         Are working less than 15 hours per week in paid employment

·         are at least 18 years of age at the time of commencing your business

·         are not expecting to claim an Aged Pension

·         are available to participate in training and work *full-time in the proposed business

·         are not an undischarged bankrupt

·         have not received NEIS Assistance in the previous year

·         are available for approximately 4-5 weeks full-time training

*Full time or in line with your capacity as assessed by Centrelink.

We can help determine if you’re eligible. Call us now if you have a business idea you want to talk through. We will discuss its viability and start you on the road to being your own boss.


Why choose BRACE?

Over the last 14 years approximately 1600 businesses have been assisted by our BRACE team. Our trainers and other team members are well experienced and have operated business themselves. They know the fears of putting your idea into practice. They have failed and returned, been successful and grown, and have opened more than a dozen business ventures between them.

BRACE has access to specialists that include legal, micro funding, regional networks, business centres and services and access to attractive incubator programs that provide affordable spaces to work from, including hot desks and casual desks. We are well connected and can link participants to many additional services.


What sort of businesses has BRACE assisted?

Almost anything can be converted to a business, so long as customers want to pay for what you are trying to sell. Some examples of past businesses include publishing, beauty services, massage services, IT consultants, graphic design, videography, bed & breakfast, coffee shop, real estate agent, spray painter, house maintenance, domestic and commercial cleaning, florist, takeaway shop, personal training, hairdresser, WHS consultant, adventure tours, migration agent, web design and social media design, carpentry, art (in many forms), driving instructor, security, accountancy, catering, sound engineer, electrician, plumber, NDIS support person, transport escort – just to name a few!


How do I find out more?

Call the team on 08 8440 2404 or call into our office at 6 Todd St, Port Adelaide.

emBRACE your future with NEIS.


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Key information


You no longer need to receive support from Centrelink to participate in NEIS. To participate in NEIS you must:

 - Not studying full-time and not in paid employment for more than 15 hours per week

 - Be at least 18 years old when you begin your NEIS business

 - Not be an undischarged bankrupt

 - Not have received NEIS Assistance in the previous year

 Your business idea must be:

 - Reputable and legal 

 - Assessed as financially viable

 - Be a new business (ie has not been operating before as a commercial entity. Test marketing and hobbies are eligible)

Your business idea must be:

 Your business idea must be:

 - Reputable and legal 

 - Assessed as financially viable

 - The business must not be currently operating

Some of you will be turning a hobby into a business; some of you will have been made redundant and many of you will have a long history of working for others but due to restructure, will find yourself looking at self-employment.

Flexible Delivery:

E-Learning is a convenient and effective option for NEIS participants. In our virtual classroom students can interact with trainers and other students in a supportive environment.*

*eligibility applies

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