Big Plus for Frankston business

Rodney owns Tuscan Trellis Specialist Painting in Frankston and works on a range of projects from heritage-listed buildings to objets d’art, from interior designer stores to modern colour themes and decorative painted effects.


Rodney recently needed to hire a new employee, but hiring new staff can have a tremendous impact on a small business because it takes time and money to find the right candidate.  As Rodney was thinking about how to go about finding the right candidate, he coincidentally came across SkillsPlus.


“I was on my way somewhere and was grabbing a coffee.  I was parked outside of SkillsPlus in Frankston and I thought I might as well go in to find out what SkillsPlus is all about.  SkillsPlus was very easy to deal with and I got to speak with someone straight away.  Damian sat down with me and listened to what I needed.”


“We listen to local businesses and help them find candidates that are ready to work,” said Damian from SkillsPlus.  “We also provide a range of supports when employers like Tuscan Trellis Specialist Painting employ a new staff member through us.”


Rodney was looking for someone willing to learn and who already had artistic abilities. It was also important to him that the person was respectful and humble.  Damian recommended Bensen because he knew Bensen had the right attitude and skills.  Bensen had been unemployed for three or four years and was struggling to find a job.  He is excited about his new job and is currently saving up money to buy his first car.


“I have already recommend SkillsPlus to other people I know,” Rodney said. “Bensen has shown real initiative and is committed to his job.  It’s great to be able to teach someone new skills and provide them with an opportunity to get back into the workforce.   I also really enjoy having input on the work from someone young who sees things with different eyes.”