Congratulations to Simon and BRACE NEIS Program

The National NEIS Awards night in Melbourne and ‘Simply Ask Simon’ was a National Finalist in the Best New Business Awards category.


In early 2014 Simon was made redundant. He had never been without a job. Not to mention that his wife was due to have their second child in less than two weeks. After discussion they agreed, he was going to take the leap and begin his own business. Simon said “So much information is out there but it can be difficult to piece together, let alone make sense of it. I came across the local BRACE Office in Port Adelaide and we discussed my proposed business idea. I must say that it was the best move that I made”


The instructor challenged his preconceived perceptions and gave him other ways to look at business. Armed with his business plan and financials he knew what he needed to do for the business to succeed and grow. He said “Over the last 12 months during highs and lows, there are certainly some challenges that you can be prepared for. Each time we have grown or changed I have always come back to the foundations that were nurtured within the NEIS Scheme. Having a strong foundation has allowed me to meet and conquer those challenges head on. We now have 3 staff with another about to begin, and work nationally helping SME’s with their telecommunications solutions. I am so proud to say that this is my business, my brand and my creation. I could never go back now to working for someone as an employee.”


After 12 months, Simon’s business is growing solidly and he has created a database of potential customers to currently provide work for more than 4 employees.


Simply Ask Simon is providing work opportunities, supporting his family and successfully servicing an industry in a constant state of change. His contribution to Small Business is impacting across local community, state development and national profitability albeit in his own small way. Simon’s ‘never give up’ attitude has been instrumental in his success so far.