First job survival guide


Entering the workforce for the first time can be scary: you’re not quite sure where anything is, you’re surrounded by strangers, and not completely sure you’re doing anything correctly. Don’t worry, it gets a little easier every single day… and we’ve all been there – even the head honcho who seems so confident was once the new kid on their first day of work. To help get you through, we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips!


5 tips to help you survive your first day at a new job:


  • Be prepared


Make sure you hit the ground running right from the start. Being disorganised and feeling like you’re playing catch up all day is just going to cause you even more stress. Do a test trip to the office before the big day so you know how to get there and how long it will take, have an outfit laid out the night before – something comfortable but professional, arrive at the office a little early so you have time to collect yourself before you go inside, bring something to write in (and with), and be ready to engage fully with the day.


  • Be confident


First job nerves are completely natural and normal. There are times when you might feel overwhelmed, or like you’re not going to succeed. Work on your positive self-talk so that when those doubts arise you can tackle them and remain confident. Remember: the more you practise, the easier the job will get. Nobody expects you to be perfect right out of the gate, so don’t be too hard on yourself.


  • Ask for help


It can be tempting to just muddle through, even if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing, because you don’t want to be a bother, or admit you’re struggling, but you should always ask for help if you need it. Although it doesn’t feel like it, asking for help is a huge sign of maturity and confidence and will reflect well on you. Asking for help will also help you form bonds with your colleagues.


  • Be friendly


If things go well you’ll be spending a lot of time with these people, so it pays to make new friends as soon as you can. No matter how great the job, you’re going to have rough days and those days are going to be SO much better if you have some friends you can turn to, so make it a priority to start building connections with the people you work with. Ask them about their families or friends, be friendly and open to friendship.


  • Just breathe


It’s okay to be scared, and at points throughout the day you’re almost definitely going to make mistakes and feel awkward and wonder why you’re putting yourself through it all. Just breathe. Tomorrow will be easier. Remember: We’ve all been there, no-one expects you to have it all figured out and it’s okay to feel a bit freaked out. Just breathe.


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