Looking for work as a mature-aged worker

The idea of having to re-enter the workforce as a mature aged worker can be daunting, especially if you’ve been out of the game a while, or you’re worried about competing against other job seekers who are much younger than you.


Perhaps it has been a while since you went on a job interview, or a few years since you dusted off your resume. But don’t worry, mature-aged workers have a lot to offer, and there are loads of employers out there who are seeking out the unique skills that mature workers have in spades. ♤


  • Why mature-aged workers make great employees


Mature aged workers are a great asset to the workforce because they have life experience. Soft skills are one of the most sought-after skills in today’s workforce. Skills like conflict resolution, communication, autonomy and social skills are all highly valued and are more often found in mature aged workers. It has also been proven that older workers are more likely to stay in a workplace long-term, while younger employees tend to job-hop, which saves employers of mature-aged workers a bundle in training and recruitment costs.


  • How to apply for work as a mature aged worker


Know your strengths: Map out your strengths and skills so that you know what you offer a new employer. Finding the right role is about finding something that meshes well with your unique personality. Are you an introvert? An extrovert? Great at being organised? A whizz at sales? To find a role you’ll flourish in, you first need to know yourself.


  • Be confident


Once you know what you offer you need to be able to confidently communicate your value to an employer. Remember, even if you’ve been out of the game a long time, you’ve been collecting valuable life skills that will make you a great choice.


  • Talk to people


Word of mouth can be a great way to find work, so have a chat to the people in your social circles to see if anyone is hiring. Get back in touch with old employers or colleagues to see if they know of any opportunities.


  • Add to your skill set


Take a look at some courses in your area – or online – to see if you can brush up on your skills while you’re on the job hunt. Adding recent achievements to your resume is a great way to get the attention of employers.


  • Find a support team


Connect with a local employment services organization (like us!) to get valuable support in your search for work. The job support team can help you re-write your resume, teach you some interview skills and give you access to all sorts of programs to help you in your job search.


  • Stay positive


Looking for work can be rough, no matter your age. Try not to feel discouraged. The right position will come along, just keep trying!


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