Shining a Light on Youth Homelessness

Fusion Sleep in your car Event

On any given night in Australia, there are more than 100,000 people without stable housing. An astounding statistic that shows homelessness is an issue affecting many communities, yet it’s something that can sometimes go unseen by the larger population.

To raise awareness as part of this year’s Homelessness Week, the SkillsPlus & Brace team decided to partner with Fusion on the Mornington Peninsula for a Sleep in Your Car fundraising event.

Some staff stayed in their cars for a night, while others slept on sofas to highlight how people are forced to couch-surf when they can’t access stable and appropriate accommodation. It’s an activity that may seem safer, but still sees people at risk.


Photo of person couch surfing raising moneyfor youth homelessness.


Following the event, which was broadcast virtually via Facebook Live, the team saw an incredible result. They fundraised $1,194 against a target of $1050. The funds will support Fusion – a local community organisation that works with young people. Partnering with Fusion gives SkillsPlus & BRACE the opportunity to contribute to Fusion’s Life Skills programs, coaching youth to help get them job ready and into sustainable employment.


SkillsPlus Car


Here at SkillsPlus & BRACE, we believe youth homelessness should not exist and our programs can help support young people as they become independent.

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