SkillsPlus maintained their status as a 5 Star Provider

We’re thrilled to announce that the recent Disability Employment Services (DES) Star Ratings have been published by the Australian Government. The DES Star Ratings system measures the relative success of providers in achieving outcomes for job seekers. Every provider is rated between 1 – 5 stars with 5 being the highest you can achieve.

A big congratulations to our Dandenong team. They have maintained their status as a 5 Star Provider. Well done to Karen, Lawanya, Robyn, Clinton and the rest of the team at Dandenong.

We are equally delighted to announce that Springvale is now a 4 star provider. All new DES providers start out with only 1 star, and we have only been a DES provider in Springvale for a couple of years. Well done to John at Springvale who has worked very hard to get Springvale to 4 stars.

Cheltenham have also done well, maintaining its 3 star status and with lots of exciting future prospects we are confident that our star status will continue to grow and be strong. Congratulations to Janelle for her commitment and enthusiasm at the Cheltenham site.

Well done to all our DES staff and DES participants for helping us to achieve this.