SkillsPlus provides Sheen Panel Service with young people ready to work

SkillsPlus has teamed up with Sheen Panel Services, a well-known panel beating service with over 25 low-cost workshops across Melbourne and Victoria. This year, Sheen came to SkillsPlus asking us to provide them with young work-ready candidates for their growing Melbourne teams.


We completed an internal recruitment campaign, pre-screened the candidates and organised sessions where the candidates met with representatives from Sheen. The representatives spoke to the candidates about the industry and what would be expected of them if they got the job. Our jobactive and Transition to Work teams referred candidates and Sheen has employed 9 people referred by us.


Reece was one of Angela Pecora’s first Transition to Work job seekers. He started accessing our Transition to Work service in April 2016. “Reece showed real interest in cars and motor bikes, always coming to Job Club and showing everyone photos of his new toys,” said SkillsPlus Youth Coach, Angela.


When fellow colleague, Gail Burridge secured a number of vacancies with Sheen, Reece was one of the first young people who met with the business and instantly signed up to commence training at Kangan.


Reece was committed to getting and keeping a job with Sheen. He travelled to the Docklands from Lang Lang every day for two weeks to undertake training, before commencing his Apprenticeship with Sheen in their Hastings Workshop, where he has built a great relationship with all the staff.


Management at Sheen told us how happy they are with Reece’s performance, time management, willingness to take on extra work/overtime, and all around great attitude. They are now wanting to employ more young people like Reece.


“Reece is a great worker who gets along with everyone. He is extremely hard working,” said Reece’s Manager, Michael Edwards. He explains how happy he is with Reece’s work and how he looks forward to Reece moving forward within the company.



For more information about Sheen, please visit their website:



Picture: Our Youth Coach, Angela Pecora, with Reece at Sheen Panel Services.