Tree Planting with Parks Victoria – by Reece, SkillsPlus VCAL Senior student

On the 23rd of July my SkillsPlus VCAL class along with the year 10 and 11 classes went on an excursion to the Patterson Rivers to help Parks Victoria. Before we actually arrived there, we first started at the Frankston station during the morning and wrote onto the attendance log with our signatures and phone numbers, just so we could keep account of everyone that came on the day.


After checking that everyone was here and ready, we went under the station through a tunnel and walked towards the bus station, unfortunately on the day the trains were being worked on and we could not use the train, we were directed towards where the replacement buses were picking people up. After waiting a few minutes the bus arrived and we all hopped on with the teachers getting on last, to make sure that everyone does not miss the bus. While the bus ride was longer than travelling on the train, we luckily did not have to wait too long to arrive at our stop. We got off at the bus stop in front of the Carrum Uniting Church and moved up towards the nearby ALDI in case anyone wanted to buy somethings, I just waited out the front and sat down until we were ready to go again.


After the shopping trip we started moving down McLeod Rd towards Launching Way, after moving to the end we had arrived at the Parks Victoria station, where we meet Yani and another Ranger who was working with her. After doing a quick OHS introduction about the tree planting, we moved towards the garden bed where we were setting up with another Park Ranger driving a ute with all the supplies and plants. We started by putting on gloves and assigning roles to everyone, my role at the start was to spread the compost along the garden bed so that any new plants were safe and had plenty of nutrients. A couple of the other roles included planters who removed the plants from their containers and put them into the soil, the diggers who dug the holes the plants went into, the rakers who helped spread the compost and removed the grass when we extended the garden bed. During the planting we all switched roles a couple of times, so everyone got to experience different activities.


Once we finished and time was up, we packed up all of the containers and other scraps that were around and put them onto the ute. After talking with Yani and the other park ranger for a bit we headed back to the bus station with our things a bit tired from all the work we did, but feeling satisfied we helped the environment. The way back was similar in journey when compared to how we arrived, the only difference was that we got off half way there to catch another bus, as it was quicker.


Once we arrived back the teachers counted anyone, just to make sure that no one left unnoticed. Once that was finished we moved back to SkillsPlus and finished the rest of the day there. All in all I would say our excursion was a positive success, we managed to complete what we wanted while also learning many new things. We learnt the names of some common Patterson River grasses that we planted, and also learnt about some common gardening skills. It was a fun experience for me at least, and I cannot wait until we go again.


By Reece, SkillsPlus VCAL Senior student

SkillsPlus RTO: 4087